Why should I use PMN?

With PMN, attorneys have access to the largest network of personal injury and workers’ compensation medical providers in Chicago. This gives your clients immediate access to top providers in convenient locations. PMN also offers a secure portal, where all medical bills and records are available, typically for free.

Benefit to attorneys

  • Immediate access to top-quality and respected medical specialists and facilities.
  • Convenient locations for your clients.
  • PMN medical providers are willing to work on a lien.
  • Free medical records available for download through our online portal*.
  • No upfront payments, co-pays or deductibles for your clients.
  • Assistance with your clients in making and attending appointments.
  • PMN case managers service frees up your staff time by working with the providers to obtain bills and records.

*not available with all providers

Attorney FAQs

The most common questions.

Who is Preferred Med Network?

PMN services attorneys, doctors, and patients upon request, seeking conveniently located medical specialists familiar with treating workers’ compensation and accident victims. PMN has the largest network of personal injury and workers’ compensation providers in the industry.

How do I use PMN?

There are several ways:
  • Complete the Contact Us Now form
  • Call or text us at (800) 761-5222
  • Send an email to

What other services will PMN provide?

  • Immediate access to top medical specialists
  • You will be notified when your client completes medical treatment
  • Free download to obtain bills and medical records from our secure system

Does PMN provide case management service?

Yes. PMN case managers help patients keep appointments and notifies attorneys upon treatment completion. PMN also ensures immediate access to medical providers.