Medical Provider


PMN helps ensure appointments are kept and strengthens communication between doctor, patient, and attorney.

Benefits to Medical Providers

  • Relieves staff time
  • Certifies collectability of cases
  • Assists in billing issues with attorneys or insurance companies
  • Speeds up settlement time for faster payment

Medical Provider FAQs

The most common questions.

Who is Preferred Med Network?

PMN services attorneys, helping their clients find conveniently located medical specialists familiar with treating workers’ compensation and accident victims. PMN has the largest network of personal injury and workers’ comp. providers in the industry.

How would PMN benefit my practice?

Joining our network relieves staff time, certifies case collectability, expedites settlement time, and helps you navigate billing issues.

How can I join your network?

There are several ways:
  • Complete the Contact Us Now form
  • Call or text us at (800) 761-5222
  • Send an email to

Can PMN assist with my own workers compensation and personal injury patients?

Yes. PMN can assist with collection on your claims.